“Think Dog”. Have you ever wondered why the dog you trust in your home can attack you?



First of all I feel I should explain I have worked with animals both free or wild and domesticated for over25+ years. I have had my own animals of which there have been many dogs of all different shapes and sizes of all breeds and now I have a fur family of Siberian Huskies, Finnish Spitz & Alaskan Malamute, along with my Ginger cat. You see I am an animal shamanic holistic therapist and counsellor I also work as a animal communicator, animal psychology and animal behaviourist.

So I thought I would write about this very sad and devastating subject of dogs in your home attacking you or family member? Let’s look into this together.

First of all we will look at the wolf pack family unit because your pet dog came from the wolf many years ago but they have inherit the deep need to live in the wolf pack social structure did you know that from a DNA point of view there is but 0.2.percent between your domestic dog and the wolf and I have to say so many of the troubles I work with as a dog behaviourist comes from the dog not living in this pack system of the wolf.

So first we will look at the wolf pack and the hierarchy there is a pair of Alpha these are the most intelligent of the pack and they are the only pair that breed and no other male will mate with the female of the alpha pair, it is this pair that will make all the decision for the welfare of the pack so this pair of wolves are the most valuable this is because they have a strong sense of self preservation and will never do anything to jeopardize their selves because with out the pair to breed the family line ends. Also it is the female alpha and other females that do the hunting for the pack and it is the female alpha that decides which animal to kill.

But if you take a alpha dog puppy home with you they are quick learns and easy to train that sounds good but this pup will be waiting to take your family and you over at just the right time so if you show any sign of weakness that they take to suggest you are not up to the job of caring for the pack/ your family they will take as they see it their rightful place which is at the top of the hierarchical system of your family unit. And it is not true this is not the bold pup that comes to meet you when you go to choose your pup this is the pup that will stand at the back of the pen because they have a sense of self safety and will do nothing to put their selves in harms way

That does not mean you should not take this pup home with you it simply means you must be aware of who you have living with you after all would we blame you for being human or being male or female? So why should we judge or blame the dog for knowing their hierarchal rank?

Down we go to the next leave of the wolf pack hierarchy. Which is called the Beta this animal is the enforcer his job in the pack is to do all the discipline and protect the pack he is the bodyguard, the bouncer and because he does not need to think he will weighted in with pure aggression if any of the other members of the pack step out  of line other then the Alpha pair who is at the top of the hierarchal rank, the Beta will insure that all the pack members keep the rules and carry out their duties and work and not to take food that does not belong to them to stay in their place within the pack. However if the threat to the pack or the alpha pair comes

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